Hello lovely followers and email-followers:

If you are seeing/receiving this message I want to thank you for following me on Shaking the Family Tree and sharing in my genealogy journey. I recently moved all these blog posts to live with my non-genealogy posts over at MickeyHerr.com.

I am organizing and making plans for moving forward. If you visit my website, you will see that I have been writing in different locations and working on other projects. But reworking my website and gathering some of my writing into one location will allow me to better focus and have a place to put all those *things* that need downloaded from my brain (and cell phone)… stay tuned for a photo blog still in process.

Please join me by going here to follow me on mickeyherr.com (right side, just after the post list, see Follow this Blog.

Don’t worry. If you have a favorite “family” post, you can access them at the new site. Just go to the “category” search drop box on the homepage and click on “family” in the drop down list. All these Shake the Family Tree posts should come up at once. (Just the SEO links will change.) I will likely be deleting this blog sometime in the next week or so… I hope to see you all on the other side!

Cheers, Mickey

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