_this is me“Shaking the Family Tree” is my very first blog… an attempt at weekly exercise…in the hopes of becoming a disciplined writer. I’ve done a fair bit of research on my family roots of late…made some interesting discoveries… but what do I do with this information? Does any of it really matter? Perhaps this blog will help me figure it all out… I hope you’ll join me on the journey… Cheers, Mickey Herr


As of October 2012, I have started to write an additional blog “Don’t Judge a Fish” which covers everything beyond my genealogical journey. Turns out I had a lot more to say than I first imagined. I hope you will check it out at http://www.mickeyherr.com

Update: August 2013

I am now about two years into writing this blog and researching my genealogy. I have learned quite a lot. One thing is that people take what you write–the stuff you send out in blogs–very seriously. It has been fascinating to discover that when others are researching their family roots, this blog comes up in their searches. Because of this, I have “met” a number of “cousins”–those individuals related to me through great-great grandparents going back multiple generations. I love that we have connected through time and space. It is quite inspirational. But I would like to add a caveat for those reading this blog to track down roots that we have in common. While I do my best to present correct information, I cannot guarantee all of the information I present. Sometimes it is an educated guess. Which seems to me what this whole world of genealogy is all about…finding the needle in the haystack, sharing information with others, and hopefully finding the trail of bread crumbs that leads you to your next discovery. That’s the fun part. So please, by all means, use any information I provide here, but know that I am not an historian or official genealogist. If you find something that doesn’t make sense to you, please let me know. Perhaps together we can solve the mystery.